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Charlie Simpson

Land Based USAF Missiles

A look at missiles in the Air Force from the first captured German V-ls to the latest ICBM.

Charlie Simpson

Atlas – The First ICBM

The Atlas was our first intercontinenal ballistic missile (ICBM) - the first missile to put an American astronaut into orbit around the earth - and still one of the workhorses in the United States space program..

Charlie Simpson, Larry Hillebrand

The ICBM Force in the Early 1960s

AAFM members have been involved with intercontinental ballistic missiles for more than forty years - the first Atlas D was on alert at Vandenberg on 31 October 1959.


Cuban Crisis Chronology

Assembled from several sources in the AAFM archives.

Robert Couch

JCMPO and the W-84 Warhead


Charlie Simpson

LOX and RP-1 - Fire Waiting to Happen

Our early missiles used a cryogenic propellant for the oxidizer...

Charlie Simpson

A Glossary for Missileers

What Did He Say?? –

A Guide to Nicknames, Acronyms and Terms.

U.S. Navy

USS Wyoming Successfully Tests Trident II D5LE Missiles

This launch marks 184 successful missile test flights of the Trident II (D5 & D5LE) SWS.

Charlie Simpson

Missile Milestones Updated

What Did He Say?? –

This list reflects the history of Air Force missiles and missileeers, from the beginning concepts to the latest plans for Air Force systems, programs and events..

C. Barrios, T. Bales, J. Jones

Minuteman III Sustainment From Now To GBSD

Diminishing sources, a shrinking industrial base, and limited workforce with the skills required to sustain the aging ICBM weapon system, makes sustaining Minuteman III...

Ronald Reagan
Minuteman Missile
State Historic Site

Project Long Life II

How was the Minuteman II rocket tested?


New US AF ICBM system: Sentinel

Air Force’s new intercontinental ballistic missile system has a name: Sentinel

Steven A. Pomeroy

Highball! Missiles and Trains

For well over thirty years, the U.S. continuously researched mobile ICBMs, spent enormous sums of money on the idea, and ultimately dropped it, begging the question, why?

Cory Kuehn

ALCS 50th Anniversary: Celebrating a Proud Heritage

The year 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary for the Airborne Launch Control System (ALCS).

Jim Warner

The Evolution of the ICBM Missile Squadron

The construct and makeup of the Minuteman missile wing and specifically the missile operations squadron has seen several name changes over the years.



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